PDIC South East Asia

PDIC South East Asia has a long history of training recreational scuba divers. With instructors and training facilities located worldwide, PDIC South East Asia implements a system of training that is a result of over thirty years of experience. A scuba diver carrying our certification is recognized throughout the world as a quality-trained, safe diver.
The PDIC South East Asia System consists of a course concept which was designed from carefully developed teaching methods and procedures. Used in conjunction with the PDIC South East Asia Instructor Manual, it provide the open water student the opportunity to develop both good skills and the necessary knowledge to enjoy years of safe, comfortable diving.


The highest degree of safety and quality can be guaranteed by following the PDIC South East Asia progressive learning experience through classroom, pool and open watee exercises. Upon successful completion of the PDIC South East Asia Open Water course and/or aother con-ed courses, students are well-trained, confident and relaxed in the open water environment. All instructors teach the identical course standards worldwide.




ISTC (International Scuba Training Council) – www.istc.info

As a founding member of the ISTC (International Scuba Training Council) it is a privilege for  us to work with others scuba diving associations, scuba diving certifying agencies, online community, environmental group, equipment manufacturers and medical association to work together and to promote responsible, ecologically friendly and internationally recognized standards for the worldwide safety of the recreational diving public. As such, one of the ISTC International Scuba Training Council primary goals is to exceeds the obsolete worldwide minimum training standards already established and to promote highly updated and united global standards . The establishment of globally unified, recognized and implemented standards is a valuable asset in addressing local, regional, national and international regulatory issues.

Founded in 2017, to tackle the challenge the dive industry face worldwide and through it’s free membership, the ISTC International Scuba Training Council is one the mechanism for worldwide cooperation in reaching international consistency (similar to others like the RSTC, WRSTC , EUF and CMAS) in updated minimum course training standards. Diving evolve quickly and the major player in the diving industry are still stuck in with training develop in the 80’s. ISTC International Scuba Training Council member councils recognize and accept responsibility for the promotion and unification of worldwide safety of the recreational diving public, international consistency of training standards and worldwide safety and credibility of the diving industry.

Check the ISTC website at www.istc.info


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